Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday, October 19/14

This quote is saying ... know who you are and be who you are. It sounds fairly simple, who else could you be?

So many people are afraid to be themselves. They have been told that they are not worthy, either by words or actions throughout their lives. They build their armour and construct a mask to face the world; disbelieving or unaware of how wonderful they truly are. 

There are many reasons why they react as they do. Everything is buried inside. They are not necessarily aware of why, it is an involuntary reaction. They, of course, can control their reaction, but it shows up on cue. It is either anger, in it's many forms, or apology, giving away your power.  Masks and armour are the trappings worn by fear infested people. 

Living in fear, you surround yourself with people that will support this feeling. If you continue with people that bring you down or push your buttons, you will remain stuck. When you realize that you deserve more and take action you will begin to emerge from the muck and mire. 

Haunted by your past? Just remember, you are a work in progress. These things take time. You may feel that you have dealt with your issues, and then something happens, and there is that reaction again. Just set the intention that you are letting things go, and continue working on it. 

You will start to do the things you used to talk about, know when to let go, stop rushing, say it like it is, stop apologizing. You will learn to say no, eliminate the people that bring you down. You will stop giving your power away and appreciating your freedom..... you will know who you are!