Monday, 27 October 2014


A belief is nothing more than a  chronic pattern of thought.

Do you have beliefs that are holding you back, keeping you stuck in a vortex of disapproval? 

I have found that if I get a reaction to whatever is going on, whatever I am discussing or seeing; if it makes me cringe, then I am being challenged by a belief. I am responding to something inside saying... "Oh no, you will not accept this!" 

The beliefs have been instilled in me from various sources throughout my life. Many have never been challenged because the subject was never presented. We carry some pretty amazing, even silly, limiting ideas that we take for gospel, until someone pushes the button. We, then either get stubborn, angry or decide we need to change our attitude.  

Sometimes you are at a loss as to where your reaction could possibly have originated. It really doesn't matter where it came from, it is there. If you are feeling you need to challenge this block, if it is not serving you, or if you have changed, you can create a new pattern. 

It might be the opportunity to assess your reactions and decide if it is really YOU that is reacting or if it is just a button. Is it how you really feel today, or is it an antiquated theory that you received from your grandmother? Don't waste any more time closed off from life due to some belief that may not be true to you. Once you assess your reactions, you have the ability to change your vibration

The world seems dark when you have too many limiting beliefs. Change your beliefs and you will change your world.