Tuesday, 21 October 2014


'The dishes will wait, life won't'

This seems to be a hard concept to grasp. 

I have known a number of people that do not seem to understand that they, themselves, their family and friends are the priority. In your life, your emotional/spiritual health and well-being are of utmost importance, for you and those around you. Life is about balance. An immaculate house, yard and constant over-extending yourself at work, will drain any resources of joy you have accumulated. 

Everybody talks the talk, makes the excuses etc. and goes to work anyhow, on one of the above. My point is: a vast majority of people do not 'get' that life is not about things. I am not saying you shouldn't take pride in your home or your work, but you have choices on how you allot your time and energy. 

Take some time out of the kitchen to pay attention to what's going on in the house. Or invite everyone into the kitchen for some interaction. Have lunch with your mother or close friend, go to a movie, have a game night, something fun for the whole family. Create, decorate, shake things up. I know it sounds cliche, but leisure time is important, and might even be fun. Leisure time is not work. Take some time strictly for yourself, as well. Take a break, a walk, a nice long bubble bath, rejuvenate, read a book, put your feet up, relax, pamper yourself.

Learn to say 'YES'.  Do something new, go on an adventure, play. Step out of the routine, put something beside yourself on hold. Awareness is the key, change your mind and change your attitude. Get out of your own head, your own dissatisfaction and take a look around. Stop running, everything will wait until you have time, but make sure it is the dishes and not the family.  

"We were meant to live simply enjoying the experiences of life, the people of life, and the journey of life, not the things of life." Joshua Becker