Tuesday, 28 October 2014


If we were as quick to forgive others as we are to judge them.....

My blog yesterday was about beliefs, as a chronic pattern of thought. I have since realized that beliefs may create a judgmental attitude.

When something is said or I have seen something that makes me cringe, I stated that I had been challenged by a belief. And now, after some reflection, I feel that this belief could manifest into a  judgmental response to the situation.

The reaction is due to some deeply buried, limiting belief, which in turn creates a judgmental thought or expression. Everyone needs to make judgment calls, ie. whether to cross a picket line, or whether to believe a sales pitch, but these are calls for your own conscience, or protection. Whereas being judgmental, towards others concerning, appearance, religion, or behaviour etc. is something that requires deep soul work. Conversely, being judgmental toward ourselves for similar reasons, or judging ourselves through someone else's eyes, is equally as harmful. 

We have all been taught; "judge not, less you be judged" and "judging other people doesn't say something about them, it says something about you." And knowing this, it still seems fairly common to come up with some negative evaluation of a person or action. In many cases, we tend to judge others by their behaviours and ourselves by our intentions. 

So what is the answer to our judgmental attitudes? Love and forgiveness. Forgive yourself for your thoughts or actions towards others, be aware of how your react to the situation next time it surfaces. And pay close attention to the way you feel when you negate another. Love your neighbour, as yourself.

"Love is the absence of judgement." Dalai Lama