Friday, 16 December 2016


Stop going back and forth
on your ideas because of fear.

You're confusing the Universe.

Decide what you want and stick with it. You'll notice things starting to shift in your favour.

We all do that, don't we, jump in and out of our resolve? We REALLY want to win the lottery, start our own business, commit to someone or something, have a baby.... it doesn't matter what it is that's on the agenda at the moment, it's a big deal and it's very scary. So, we think we want it and in the next second, we think maybe we don't and on and on it goes. 

You would think that winning the lottery would be the greatest adventure ever, but would it? Really? There are so many variables to such an extreme financial gain that the average person simply would not have the consciousness to accept the radical changes. It seems like it would be all lollipops and rainbows, but a sudden windfall of that magnitude can throw your life into a tailspin. Sometimes it is a blessing that you don't get what you want. 

There is always a reason why things don't happen the way you want them to and hesitating, waffling, or being scared to death are signals that you are not ready to go down that road. The decision is up to you, you can have whatever you want.... the trick is to decide what you want and be persistent in your resolve. 

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


People have trained you
to care about how they think,
because it's important to
most people who are
living conditionally
for you to
create conditions they
can live with.


You know who these people are, the ones that you are always trying to impress, the ones that trained you to keep their needs in the forefront at all times. They may be a parent, a partner, a sibling, your children, your best friend, your boss, it doesn't matter who they are, they have a firm grasp on your emotions. 

There is something about you that makes people choose you to mold -  you may be cooperative or fun, a people pleaser or maybe you just have something they want - they see a trait in you that they admire and they want to have it too. Whatever the reason, you have been chosen..... your job now is to care about how they think and to support their opinions, at all times.

Some people will only love you as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop. You have been chosen ONLY for what you can do for him/her. It usually takes a simple dispute to see the relationship slowly dissolve. Spend your time on those that love you unconditionally, don't waste it on those that only love you when the conditions are right for them.

You only need to care about what YOU think, don't waste your time trying to create conditions for someone else's thoughts.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Live in the moment, it's all there is.  

This is not easy to do, I have found. Your mind is always projecting the things that need to be done, or the event you have to plan, or any number of things that distract you from whatever is in the NOW. 

But even though it isn't easy, it is necessary, because you are missing your life. You are missing what is happening right now in the present. When you are waiting for the week-end, waiting for Christmas, or simply waiting for something more exciting, you miss what is.  

You are wishing your life away.. BE PRESENT.

Always say yes to the present moment... Surrender to what is. Say yes to life... and see how life starts working for you rather than against you. Eckhart Tolle

How do you think you go about living for today and only today? First, you need to silence your mind. So tune in.... this requires sitting still, meditating or contrarily, jogging, or walking. You can do anything that fits into your routine, anything that gives you free head space, and body awareness. Meditation is perfect for freeing up the mind, but if you aren't into meditation, or you just can't sit still then; go for a nature walk, nothing is more freeing... look around, use all of your senses and be aware of all that is. The flora and fauna, the wildlife, the scents, feel the wind and the sunshine. There is so much to explore, and before you know it you are PRESENT in the experience. TA DA! 

You can recreate this experience in meditation or simply in your mind, each time you need to bring yourself back to the present moment. Your life is NOW, be present and enjoy every minute. 

Monday, 12 December 2016


You are the creator of your own reality, and so you are not in jeopardy. You do not need to control the behaviour of others in order for you to thrive.

Your attention to things that you think they do that keeps you from your thriving is, in fact, what keeps you from thriving...

It is not what they do to you; it's what you do to you in fear of what you think that they will do to you.


Does this make sense? My take on what Abraham is saying is that too much time is spent worrying about other people - what they think, what they are doing, why they didn't do something you wished they had, why they said what they did etc. 

You have no control over what anyone is doing, saying, or thinking.

The point is - it is none of your business what anyone else is doing, thinking or saying, even if it is about you.... it is their opinion, that's it, not truth.  It is most definitely not your business what they think of you. Furthermore, worrying is wasted energy, and control is an illusion. 

You worrying about their actions, whatever you think they may or may not do, is keeping you from moving forward. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing, it is your journey and your vibration. You are in charge, you are the creator of your experience. You may think that whatever they are doing to you is slowing your progress, but YOU putting all your attention on what you think they do or being afraid of what they may do is what keeps you from moving forward.  

You are creating stress in your life when you allow others to be the center of your attention. You need to concentrate on you, your life, what you are doing and leave the others to handle their own experience. 

Friday, 9 December 2016


You are never in the wrong place.

But sometimes you are in the right place looking at things in the wrong way.


We often think that maybe we did something wrong, that we're being punished, or maybe we didn't think it through  because there must be some reason that we are standing here doing this, this was so not on the agenda....We must just be in the wrong place.

You are never in the wrong place or at the wrong time. You never stay too long, there are no mistakes. You are exactly where you need to be at all times. You always stay precisely as long as you need to. Everything is perfectly orchestrated and will happen as it is meant to happen.

If something is happening in your life that shocks you, makes you feel that you shouldn't be where you are, makes you ask 'what did I do to deserve this?' then it is a lesson. There is something that you need to see that will aid you on your journey. Open your mind and accept that you are directed and always heading in the right direction.

There is a reason for everything, nothing is random.... even when things appear random, there is a reason. It's simply how you look at things. 

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

 "Your observation of the conditions that exist now is the reason that you keep repeating a pattern that holds away the things you want. It's really that simple."  Abraham-Hicks

Thursday, 8 December 2016


Many of us were taught to put
ourselves last and as a 
consequence we attracted 
feelings of being unworthy and
undeserving. As those feelings 
lodged within us, we continued
to attract more life situations
that had us feel more unworthy
and not enough. You must
change that thinking.

Easier said than done, right? 
We all know that when you have been told often enough you tend to believe whatever is dished out. And if you never put yourself first, it is never even on your radar to do so. In fact, it makes you feel selfish if you do.

Therefore, if you began with these issues firmly established, of course, you will be feeling devalued. What you can do is recognize that this is the problem, the one that causes you to morph in more of the same type of people that will take advantage, that perpetuate your feelings of inadequacy. Once recognized, you are back in charge of yourself. You can decide not to allow anyone to have power over you ever again.  

You teach people how to treat you, and if you always put others first, you are teaching them that you come second.

Think about the fact that if you are not happy, no one around you is happy. You need to take care of yourself first so that you are able to take care of others. When you feel loved and cared for, you will make others feel the same.

Love yourself first, so you know what you are worth.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Why is it so impossible to get
where I need to be?

Because I am already where I 
need to be.

Byron Katie

We are always exactly where we NEED to be, not always where we WANT to be. And we have always and will continue to always get what we NEED, not necessarily what we WANT. 

You are here for a reason. The Universe is working to make the reason clear to you and aid you in accomplishing what you are here to do. When you decide, during your journey, that you want something, if it will aid you in your quest, you will receive it. If it is not coming to you, it is, no doubt, not what you need. The fact that it is not coming to you, is a way of showing you that something is not aligned correctly.

There will be times when you look back at a major pivotal point in your life and realize that if you had been given what you had ranted, raved, begged, pleaded and prayed for, you would not be where you are today. You will realize that if you HAD manifested the longed-for item, person, position or experience it would not have put you in the desired position.

"Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck." Dalai Lama

You are where you need to be right now. There is something you are learning or teaching and you are occupied. You will progress when the time is right. There are no mistakes, you never stay too long and you are never in wrong place at the wrong time. YOU ARE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE.

Monday, 5 December 2016


The reason adults are 
so grumpy is because
they're taking life
too seriously. Abraham

That's why the
little ones are
happier than you
are, they still
Believe. You haven't
convinced them that
life sucks" AH

It is a well-known fact that it becomes harder to keep the fun alive in your life once your reach adulthood. All the responsibilities that come with that position can knock the fun right out of you, and yes, make you grumpy. That is, of course, if you let it. As with everything, it's all about your attitude. Life really doesn't suck, but it certainly will if you think it does. You decide how everything is in your world. You are what you think.  Think about that for awhile, really think about it. 

We all have exactly the life we want. If you think life is great, that you can have anything you want, then that is the way it will be. Of course, if you are motivated by fear, your life will reflect that as well. 

When I said that we all have the life we want, I meant that. So why is that you don't have it all, that's what you want, isn't it? You are possibly sending conflicting messages to the Universe. You are stating what you want, but at the same time, you are denying that wish because of a fear of failure, success, unworthiness etc. 

To get what you want, you need to find happiness within, release happy, contented, grateful energy to the Universe and be prepared to receive. It is really that simple. Eliminate negativity in your life, you can't afford one moment of negativity..... think happy thoughts.

Friday, 2 December 2016

#566 If you met your exact self as another person, would you like them?

Reflect on this, I mean, really take a look at it. Would you like this person that is you? 

Think about how you are with your friends. Are you fun to be around, helpful, kind, compassionate, and loving? Do you consider yourself funny? Are you available, and willing to try new things? What about loyal? 

If you were to really think about what you bring to the table, how would you rate yourself as a friend? Everyone is looking for the perfect friend and/or the perfect mate. That is a bit of a fantasy, isn't it. Are you perfect? No one is perfect. 

You want people around you that are 'there' for you when times are tough, that support you, no matter what. Are you that person? 

This is the crux of the matter... if you want to surround yourself with people with admirable qualities, that fulfill the above qualifications, you too, must be that person. You can't expect anyone to put up with anything less, it would be a superficial friendship at best. 

So be that person, be the person you want in your life. It all comes back to you, and the original question.... if you met your exact self as another person, would you like them? 

Be a good friend to yourself, be a good person, be the kind of person you wish you had in your life, because who you are is exactly who you've got.

re-print of #249

Thursday, 1 December 2016


"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music." Friedrich Nietzche

This is the way it is, anything different, anything out of your realm of possibility or normalcy is dismissed as being outlandish, insane or even certifiable. It is just too far out to even be considered as something a sane person would contemplate, and therefore not worth your attention.

This is true of many things.... if someone ventures too far from the conventional path, dancing to their own drum, it seems to evoke criticism and judgment from the masses. Why is that? What is so scary about someone doing something different or being a free-thinking individual? We are not sheep.

We each have different feelings, attitudes, talents, experiences, and social/ethnic backgrounds.  We are each on our own path and the non-conformists have a reason for being, the same as everyone else. Perhaps their purpose is to show us enjoyment or fulfillment. When you are doing what you WANT to do, life flows more smoothly, stress is lessened and you will reap the benefits with your health and well-being.  

Also, it really isn't up to anyone else how you run your life. No rigid thinker has a firmer grasp on life than you do. Life is not about schedules and spreadsheets, you are here to experience, not stagnate. It takes courage to go against the grain, to be all that you can be when so many are against your self-expression. Stand firm and be yourself. 

If you are one of the lucky ones that can hear the music, I hope you dance.  

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