Saturday, 21 March 2015


"Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset" Joss Whedon

What do you think? There has always been controversy around whether or not people want to be different or the same as 'everyone else'. 

As teens, they want to break free and everything revolves around how 'different' they can look. (We don't need to tell them, that within their group, their 'different look' is exactly the same as their peers.) Perhaps what they want is to be different from their parents or be different than their parents would like them to look. They most definitely DO NOT want to be boring and/or basic. It is a rebellion, a right of passage. 

BUT, sometimes this carries on into adulthood, when they are still not owning their differences. They are still not comfortable in their skin, simply because they are different. They may have been teased/bullied when they were younger because they didn't fit in the mainstream, and this is a cross they are still carrying. 

Meanwhile, they could have been
celebrating the attributes that make them the distinct individual that they are. 

Being different or weird is what sets you apart from the herd. It is what makes YOU, YOU. It is what you are all about. It is probably your greatest asset. Never hide your weird side. Celebrate your differences, own them, they make you who you are. Viva la difference!