Friday, 27 March 2015


Know that every situation brings a blessing. 

All the situations, the good and 'bad' ones, in your life, have taken place to help you in some way... they are your lessons. 

There is something you came here to learn this time around, and the entire universe has conspired to help you in your quest for understanding. Your journey is filled with experiences in various forms, and from each there is a little more illumination concerning the whys and wherefores of your existence. 

You will receive what you are looking for... what you need. Circumstances will point you toward a situation that will show you the answer. You may or may not gain the experience at that time, depending on how open you are to what is going on. You may be preoccupied and miss the signs, but never fear, there is always a replay. You will continue to do the same thing, over and over, and receive hints and signs until you 'get it.'

You may be on a quest to learn patience, and you will experience situations that require you to be patient, or maybe it's compassion or love. What are you striving toward? What do you feel compelled to learn? Usually the traits that you are trying to emulate are the ones you came to learn.

The gift, for all that you endured is the awareness that you received from the experience. You will always be grateful for all that you learned, because it is so sweet to finally KNOW.

"Find the gift, know that you have chosen to be here now and have this experience because it is helping you to grow and awaken to the glory of who you are."