Monday, 9 March 2015


There comes a day....

There does indeed come a day when you finally say ENOUGH! You have had enough, of whatever current struggle you are focused on. 

That is the day you turn the page, and give  the struggle to the universe allowing the healing to begin. 

I know you didn't give it up without a fight. We are all programmed to take care of things, ourselves and most every one within 100 miles of us. So this has been going on for some time, with much anxiety, worry and trepidation and it is as though this is now your life. This is the life you have been leading, one of stress and anxiety; banging your head against the wall, jumping through hoops, dancing as fast as you can. Is this the life you want to continue living? You have a lot more pages in your book and living like this is not going to make it easy. 

So eventually, after maximum soul searching you come to the realization that whatever you have been doing is not working. That you cannot keep up this level of stress and not suffer some medical emergency. You take a deep breath and decide that there is nothing you can do, that you just don't care anymore and that you are simply not going to think about it. 

This isn't the ideal method of letting it go, of giving it to the universe to handle. Although, this is the usual method that gets it where it is going. You just can't take anymore, you have done all you can and there is nothing left to do.

You might consider prayer. In fact, it would be beneficial to try prayer at the beginning of the struggle, before desperation sets in; but it's better late than never. You have been stuck where you didn't want to be, with no inspiration, and couldn't turn the page. Now you can. Have faith, the universe is more than willing to help you, life wasn't meant to be a struggle. You can't carry the whole world on your shoulders. 

Let it go and just say thank you.