Monday, 28 November 2016



And don't worry about others
You worry more about them than they do.
There are people waging war:
there are people on the battlefield who are
more alive than they've ever been before.
Don't try to protect people from life;
just let them have their experience while you focus upon your own experience.

Just be yourself, that is what you are here for. You are not here to worry and fret, nor are you here to try and 'fix' everything and everybody. The only thing you can 'fix' is you. As you work on on your own happiness, you create happiness.

The thing is....we each have our own path. You have no idea exactly what people are thinking, what they want and/or where they are going. It is their path, they don't even know where they are going. You may think you know what they want or need, or what would make them feel better, but really you have no way of knowing. Each of us must stumble along and do our best, that's all we can do. 

We tend to think that everyone thinks the same way we do - this is a huge misconception. (I think this was proven in the recent US election) It's hard to believe that someone could think so entirely different from you, but there it is. So you don't actually know what the others want or need or even think, so therefore, it's best to just stay out of it. Don't interfere in other people lives, it just puts their journey on hold while they deal with you. Let them lead their own lives, and you can put all your energy into your own experience here on earth.