Monday, 14 November 2016

#554 - You had the power all along, my dear - Glinda-the good witch

We have always had the power, that is, until we gave it away bit by bit.

"As children, we were born loving ourselves.  We knew how to clearly ask for what we needed and it was important to us that our needs were met.  As toddlers, we had confidence that held no apologies or modesty.  We expressed what we thought in the moment without censorship.  If we felt it needed to be said, we said it, without judgement, but in a way that expressed our feelings. We celebrated ourselves and had appreciation for our physical form.  Having a negative self-image was impossible to us.  We were filled with courage and adored ourselves."  article - Learning to Love Yourself

This is the power... this is how we started out. All that and more is still within you. Everything you have ever needed or wanted is within your power to receive. You have the power to create miracles.

What happened to all that confidence and celebration? It is amazing how much of ourselves we give away for nothing throughout the course of our lives. But at the core, you are still you. All the love of yourself is within, it can be accessed. It is not just a desire to be like you used to be, it is attainable. 

Start by celebrating yourself, your accomplishments, achievements, and abilities. Be kind to yourself, find time for and honour yourself. You are important to everyone. Appreciate and love your body. Speak your mind, enjoy yourself, dance, sing, run, play and laugh. You are not here for a long time, you're here for a good time, so have a good time. Channel your younger self, all that confidence, and silliness, live your life and express yourself in any way that feels good. You are the master of your own universe, take charge!

"Everything you were looking for was right there with you all along"  The Wizard of Oz

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