Wednesday, 9 November 2016

You get what you expect, have you noticed that?
You expect to survive, and so you do.
You expect to have a roof over your head, and so you do.
You expect to live alright, and so you do. But you don't expect extraordinary things, so they don't come.
You don't expect magnificent money to flow into your experience, and so it cannot get in.
The only thing that comes to you is what you are expecting to come. Abraham-Hicks
What you 'get' depends on how you feel
If you are UP, your vibration is UP and all will flow to you . 

The problem, if you are having trouble with getting the vibration up, is the issues, beliefs and day to day tensions that you are dragging around with you - your sack of rocks. If your issues are proving to you on a daily basis that you don't deserve 'all the world has to offer', you will not trust that you deserve anything. Furthermore, if your belief system states that you must keep your 'nose to the grindstone', then you may find it impossible to think of an a alternative for simplifying your life. 

All of your issues and beliefs have made you who you are, they have helped to form you into the human we see today. AND they have done a great job, they made sure that you survived. But now is the time for you to do more than just survive, now is the time to live the life you deserve. 

In order to live your best life, you need to raise your vibration and begin receiving all the extraordianary things, and magnificent money that are just waiting for you. In order to do this, you need to let go of all the outdated issues and beliefs that you have been clinging to; and open yourself up to receive. Everything is waiting, with your name on it. Expect only the very best.
Breathe, Believe, Recieve