Friday, 18 November 2016


Financial abundance does not occur in one's life because of hard work or good luck or favoritism.

Financial abundance is simply the Universe's response to consistent thoughts and feelings of abundance.


Most people my age were raised with the 'if you want to be successful, you must keep your nose to the grindstone' attitude.  We were under the delusion that success was heaps of money and that the harder you worked, the more hours you put in, the more hoops you jumped through, would eventually create the life you wanted. All the money and success, perhaps even power, would be yours. In some cases, this did really appear to be the case, but, of course, we have no idea of the personal life or the health issues of the people that had pulled off 'success.' 

The more you struggle, the more you keep pounding your head against the wall, the more struggle you create. You are the key player in your own show, all you need to do is set the scene. Get everything set up in the direction you want to go, then 'see' yourself in that position, until you manifest the position you wish to be in. 

Don't fight against the flow .... abundance is always 'there' and there is, and always will be, more than enough for you. You won't get rich by working harder and enjoying life less, you need to visualize yourself having abundance in all things. Be grateful for all that you have and you will create more. Count your blessings and pay close attention to the abundance received in all its many forms.