Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Everyone you
encounter is
playing the role
you need them 
to play for you.

We create a plan, a blueprint before we returned to this planet. Souls get together and set up the life we will experience. Each person plays a part.

'As one soul was planning their new life on earth, the other souls willing to participate were gathered around accepting their positions for that lifetime. Certain souls would be asked to portray less than kind, sometimes despicable characters. It is a sign of their unconditional love that they accepted this assignment. The soul that was orchestrating his life was grateful for the acceptance and compassion shown by the souls that had agreed to be the 'villains' in his life. When all was said and done, one of the 'villains' approached the soul and stated: “do not forget who I am"'.

What this little story is saying is that each person that plays a part in your life has agreed to do this for your growth; this is your movie. So in this particular lifetime, they signed up to be the abuser, the controller, the addict, or the loving, kind, supportive one; whatever you need to experience in that chapter of your life. You, too, have made the same agreement with other souls. You are playing the role of someone that will give them the lessons that they require. It’s a WIN/WIN situation.

Everyone that has anything to do with you, you have chosen. You set this up, for you, to learn what you needed to learn this time on earth. Therefore, if you recognize and/or accept this, the drama is lessened and you can handle anything. You are actually in charge, this is your life, and you are running the show. The situation no longer needs to be volatile, once you are 'know' that you are just playing a part that will, in the end, benefit you.