Friday, 6 February 2015


An eye for an eye....

This is a fairly popular quote, and yet, it is condoning violence and revenge! The quote is saying that if someone hurts you, you then, in turn, hurt them. 

"Does the Biblical phrase "eye for an eye" mean that we can punish, or even take revenge upon, someone in the exact same manner they used to cause harm? Although some feel this reciprocity is justified, is that what the Bible teaches? This phrase, like others, is often misunderstood and misapplied."

An "eye for an eye" in biblical times, was a form of justice that insured that the injuring party should suffer as much as the injured. There are many people today that still feel justified in going after someone they feel has hurt them in some manner. If someone hurts you, takes something that belongs to you, or something to that effect, you have the right to reciprocate in kind. 

I understand that this may have brought forth some anger issues etc. but really what is the point in revenge? Where does it get you? Do you really think that you would feel better if you struck out at someone? Of course not, then you would have guilt and shame to deal with on top of whatever had originally taken place. Let the other person shoulder the shame, you could take the high road to forgiveness and sleep at night. Does this not make sense to you? That person is being who he/she is, you need to be who you are and not jump into the battle. You are responsible for how you act, how you handle different situations. Forgiveness is good for the soul, your soul. To forgive the person relieves you of any burden.

And as stated in this quote from Mahatma Gandhi... "an eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind". Non violence is the answer.