Tuesday, 24 February 2015


Today will be what it is....

You cannot control your life, or even your day. You may think you have things planned down to the minute with your job, your child's birthday party, your move to the new house, your vacation or whatever upcoming event is next on your agenda. But just one thing goes awry and the plan has to be revised. 

You have to be prepared for any eventuality in order to even attempt to control your day; and that is a pipe dream. It cannot be done. It's OK to plan and prepare, but you cannot predict the future, and you have no way of knowing what will take place during any given day. 

You cannot be too attached to everything being perfect, because there is no such thing, and you are just setting yourself up for disappointment. 

There is also the reaction that seems to be inevitable when your plans are dashed. Frustration, coupled with panic that you won't get things done in time. This quote, therefore, you may consider as your mantra...Today will what it is. I will be who I am. And there will be beauty in both.

The quote is not saying that your day didn't go as planned and hence you are frustrated, angry, having a meltdown and taking it out on everyone else. 

It is saying that today will unfold as it does, you will be accepting of what is offered and there is beauty in that. You are saying that no matter what takes place, you are OK, you will handle anything thrown your way with grace and dignity.  And that is the beauty of it all.