Monday, 2 February 2015


Back from Bali...

I have just returned from the land of palm trees and sunshine. What a mystical, magical retreat! 

If you are able to find some place on earth that speaks to you, gives you what you need, fills your heart and soul with peace and joy, you are indeed blessed.  The place for me, is, and has been since I first visited, Bali, Indonesia.

If not for my daughter, I don't know how I would have found this haven. Luckily she re-located there some years ago and has her life in paradise. When you are a resident , some of the magic is lost in the day to day routine, but not so for the visitor. All my senses are satisfied with the beauty, customs, ceremonies, and the graceful elegance of the people. There is always the lure of the beautiful beaches, volcanoes, temples, sunshine, colourful markets; and for me, the greatest draw of

I am grateful, as always for the pure pleasure, the joy of returning to this magical, mysterious island and for the absolute love, care and attention of my daughter, Tyra, Gede and Kenzie. Thank you... xo