Saturday, 14 February 2015


Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

You can't always believe what you see either. Everything is not as it seems. How many things happen during your day that are inexplicable? Your heart picks up the subtle nuances of an encounter, although your eyes may see something completely different.

For example: You come upon a situation.... a young man with his anger spewing all over the scene, threatening ... your eyes see an explosive person, volatile and unpredictable... your heart sees a child reacting to fears. You are seeing the inner turmoil of the young man, not what is going on right before your eyes.

Most of us have moments when we feel we know what is really going on. And it is rarely about what you are seeing with your eyes. The heart knows. 

What it comes down to is ... will you follow your heart? Will you trust yourself, your intuition and go where it leads you; or will you default to your ego and miss the trip entirely? 

It is a tough one. the popular maxim is... 'follow your heart, but take your head along with you.' So many are afraid of 'losing their heads' and getting caught up in something that will leave them hurt. They are not trusting themselves to handle themselves. You are in charge, but you also need to be able to handle the outcome. 

Whether it is about love or some completely random situation; will you be brave enough to jump in and ride the wave or will you let your head do the talking and stop yourself, missing the ride?  

What do you think, if your heart sees something that is invisible to your eye, what will you choose heart or head?