Friday, 29 August 2014

This is about silencing the mind, about ceasing to listen to the constant chatter in your head; and going with your heart. 

The fact is your heart KNOWS what to do, your heart KNOWS what you want, but outside influences interfere with your resolve. There is always the 'voice of reason,' 'the voice in your head' that says you are not to go forward with that lamebrain idea of yours. So many people die with their dreams still in them, because of someone else's idea about what they SHOULD do. 

We all have been raised with a list of DO's and DON'Ts, imposed by parents, society, culture and religion. Most rebel in their teens and then get reined in and start following the 'RULES.' The fact is these rules are imposed by fear and the need to control. The whole idea of this society is follow the 'norm.' The 'norm' is acceptable and everyone can breathe a sigh of relief when those previously rebellious teens are now 'toeing the line.' If your desire is to do something outside of the 'norm' it is generally unacceptable.

Children need to have guidelines, there does need to be order in the world, but nothing is worth burying your hopes and dreams. Actually living your life requires you to do it your way. It does not matter the opinion of others, but it never seems to be the easy way.  The 'norm' is the easy way to co-operate in the world we live in. BUT, is the soul fulfilled following this path? The people that you remember from the history books, the ones that really made a difference, followed their hearts and did what they were meant to do. 

My feeling is, you need to listen to your heart, loose your mind, and have the fulfilling life you are here to experience. What about you, are living someone else's dream? What is your opinion? What do you feel about this 'heart versus head' idea? Please feel free to tell me 'I am out of my mind,' I couldn't agree more.