Tuesday, 26 August 2014

That little voice.... the one my Mom called my conscience, the voice that knows everything. The voice that tries to warn you not to do what you so want to do, and lets you know, when you go right ahead and do it anyway. 

Remember when life was simple? Picture it.... 

You are a child and you have done something 'bad', something you knew you were not supposed to do. And what happened when you did it? You did not feel good, you had a stomach ache, you felt it; and you knew you were 'in trouble.' 

What happened to that signal, that gut reaction, that knot in your stomach? Where did the voice go?

Rest assured....it is still there. We have simply learned to ignore it, with years of practice we have gotten so we rarely notice it at all. Life has stepped in; giving us deadlines, details, commitments etc. that steal our focus. We feel we no longer have time to assess a situation, let alone be considerate or concerned about how we do it. We say and do things randomly, with no forethought; in the guise of getting things done... taking care of business. We no longer notice the simple things, or hear the voice warning us that we are going too far. We get manipulated because our early warning system is on the blink. What do we do now?  We need to reconnect.

You are either running your life on previously installed 'buttons' or intuition. The 'buttons' are causing this lack of purpose, this robotic life you are living. You are merely reacting. Conversely,  your intuition is divine, the voice, the conscience. Tune in, be aware of what is going on in your world, what you are doing and saying. Once you focus on the voice, you will find the answers. Blame, fear, and resentment will melt away and you will start to live your life with purpose.
You know what is right for you, listen to you inner voice.