Saturday, 23 August 2014

For you today, our menu includes a plethora of choices, inspirations for living a superior life. Everything written here will fit some situation, you can choose which one to go with for any given day. Or, of course, you can choose to not participate. It is up to you. You make choices every day of your life... to learn, to live, to love or not.

It is a choice, whatever "rings your chimes," or resonates with your soul. This could change at any time. What resonates with you today, does not necessarily do anything for you tomorrow. We are all subject to change, thank God, that's what it is all about.... changing our attitudes, changing our beliefs....changing ourselves. 

With our finite mind, it may not look like much of a choice, we are doing what we feel we have to do, most of the time. There is always a choice, whether we see it or not. Reach for the stars, don't settle for less. The universe is open to you, everything is waiting for you. You are not meant to struggle, you are not meant to just 'get by', you are meant to enjoy true abundance in all areas of your life.

So for today, I choose LIFE IS GOOD, for my inspiration. It's a good day, and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. I am going out of the house...I will see things that I have never seen before, I will do things I have never done before and I will soak up the sunshine and the miracle of life. 

I wish you a day of simple pleasures, as well, seen with new eyes, and enjoyed with an open heart. Choose how you want to proceed.