Monday, 25 August 2014

Most of us remember the old adage - "The best things is life are free." I think most of us figured out that meant not to be fooled by riches and material possessions. Nonetheless, this now seems to be the version, 'they are not things'.

The best things in life are the feelings, the emotions, the experiences, the love. All those 'things' that take place within you. The are what is real, what sustains you, what fills you up, what completes you. 

So many of us are not fulfilled, at some point in our lives, or perhaps never have been. We are not receiving what we need, leading to depression, and/or addictions. There is something missing, something we long for within, that no one seems able to touch. 

This lack, starts the search for something to fill us up, and/or dull the pain; a partner, a lover, shopping, drugs, alcohol etc. This is the beginning of looking for something outside of ourselves to make us feel whole, accepted or loved. 

The problem with all these 'answers' is the fact that they are temporary, you can never maintain the high, you must constantly be re-medicated with your addiction of choice. Instant gratification feels good only in the moment... and under it all....the ache is still there. Desperation and depression result when this is the case.. It is a never ending cycle.

"Peace comes from within.
Do not seek it without " 

The answer to all the pain, is inside of you. You cannot blame others, because, even if you feel that they are the cause of your pain, it is the way you received/processed it that is causing your turmoil... you alone are responsible for how you feel, and you alone can make it right... for you. The things of life are not the answer. You are the answer. Seek within