Monday, 15 August 2016


A state of worthiness is not earned but simply accepted - Abraham

"You don't have to justify the good that flows to you, it is a given." - Abraham

Allowing factor has to do with your Own Self-Love. When you're Really Liking You, it feels like there is no Limitation of what you can receive. Abraham 

Stop making others responsible for the way you feel. Abraham

I quote Abraham-Hicks often, here is an explanation of who 'they' are.
'Abraham' is a group consciousness of the non-physical dimension. They are 'channeled' or are an inspiration of Esther and Jerry Hicks. Esther herself calls Abraham "infinite intelligence," and to Jerry, they are "the purest form of love I've ever experienced."

You deserve a happy and healthy life, the only thing stopping you is you. You are worthy because you are you, and you are here. Knowing that you are here for a reason and that no one can fill your shoes on this earth, should help you to recognize your worth. 

No one can make you feel 'less than', it is a choice you have made. NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU FEEL ANYTHING. No matter what is said or done to you by others, you still make the choice on how you feel. It is up to you to decide how you wish to navigate your life; hurt, angry and resentful or happy.

Things will remain as they are until you understand that the only limits on you are the limits you establish yourself. If you want to be happy, be happy. Just make the decision, find your happy place and stay there. 

The purpose of your life is JOY. Why not indulge in some?