Monday, 22 August 2016

#500 - Five Hundred Blogs - Wow!
You are galaxies
People are told early on a bogus story about who they really are. 
Before you were taught doubt & insecurity. Before you were taught fear & self-hate. 
You were absolutely Pure. 
You were One with Yourself. 
One with the Universe. 
One with All. 
You were the very Essence of Love & Joy & Wonder. 
This Who You Were. 
It has never left you.
It is within you. Abraham-Hicks

You were perfect when you were born, and you are still perfect. 

All you have to do it be YOU and you are the only person that can do that. 

By the time you reach adulthood, a false perception of who you are has been ingrained into your psyche. You have been told since birth who to be, how to act, what is and is not acceptable in your family, culture, religion, school, sports, everywhere you go there is a standard of behaviour that you are expected to conform to. In this process, it is common to loose sight of who you really are. 

Once you realize and acknowledge that you have been lost in the shuffle, it takes a majority, if not all of the rest, of your life, to come back to square one. You have never really lost that perfect person, but it has been buried beneath the baggage you have amassed in this lifetime. 

A spiritual journey is the returning to the perfection that is your birthright.... the perfect love and peace of the Universe. 

You are One with the Universe, One with yourself and One with All.