Thursday, 4 August 2016

#488 - Imagine yourself happy

Do you imagine that you can be or do anything you desire? Do you know that you are in charge of your life? You and only you can make yourself happy or sad.

You are running the show. This is your life. And the marvelous thing about it is... you choose how you want to start each day, how you want to interact with others, how you want to be... it is up to you. Isn't that fabulous? If you want to be happy then - be happy. The circumstances do not matter .. it is how you choose to react to them... If you are aware of how you react to different situations and pay close attention to each reaction, eventually you will be happy, no matter what is happening around you

Happiness is a state of mind. Most people feel that "when I win the lottery, I will be happy," "When I finally get the man I want, then I will be happy," 
"when I have children, then I can relax and be happy," etc. This is wishing your life away, it's nuts. 

The time to be happy is now, no matter what is happening. Being happy is a choice, it is up to each of us to decide, TODAY, that we are not going to waste one more day in the dark. Your smile/laugh will light up the world. All it takes is realizing that you are OK, you are safe, you can depend on yourself. It takes trusting that the universe is there for you, that it is open to you and wants to aid you on your journey. 

It also takes the realization that you are not accomplishing anything by pouting, whining, or having temper tantrums. That will get you nowhere. Take care of the problem, be responsible, but put a smile on your face while you do it. You will feel so much better and amazingly you will start enjoying your life more, you will be calmer, your future will look brighter and people will enjoy being around you more. 

So..... imagine yourself happy, and then just do it.