Wednesday, 3 August 2016


I have no need to be average or normal.

I surrender the need to fit into the expectations of others at the expense of my own evolution. I joyfully celebrate my loss of normalcy and claim my authenticity, sanity, and health.

-Danny Epstein
Healing Myths, Healing Magic

Remember how badly you wanted to 'fit in' in school? How important it was to be 'one of the gang.' You gave the impression, from your clothes to your hairstyle of belonging. Anyone that was remotely different was suspect, shunned or ridiculed. Why? That's a great question. There was very little tolerance for individuality then and even less maturity. You traveled in packs of androids and you were safe. You knew who you were and where you stood. Few broke out of the mold. 

As typically happens, we grew up a bit and started to realize that we were all different in some ways, that our actual wants and needs were individual to us. Eventually, we realized that we did not want to 'fit in' that mold anymore. We recognized that each of us was one of a kind, we had a need to be ourselves. Now, we had to figure out how to be happy with that.

Once you accept that you're different, you're on your own. Your safety net is gone, the onus is on you. You're no longer following all the rules, your normal is unlike the majority and you're open to criticism. This is where you get your strength, your uniqueness is your freedom.  

"I surrender the need to be average or normal"