Monday, 25 April 2016


Whether you pushed me or pulled me, drained me or fueled me, loved me or left me, hurt me or helped me, you are a part of my growth & no kidding, I "thank you"!

And you do, amazing as it sounds, you always end up being grateful to these people for their part in your life. They helped to wake you up in some way. 

As you continue down the road, your mind and heart expand, and you begin to see what these people had to teach you. So even if your time with them was less than perfect, you do realize what they have done for you, and what a blessing it was to have them on your journey.

It may also seem a blessing that they are gone, but nonetheless, they left you with some grasp of what their purpose was in being with you, and you with them. It may take awhile to assimilate it all and ascertain what you have gained, but it all counts. It all contributes to your growth. There are no accidents, you were meant to be with each person, whether you consider it a benefit or otherwise at the time.

We each wrote our own script for this lifetime on earth, we chose all of the people that have come or will come into our lives. Each of them came to us with a purpose, to aid us on our journey and teach us a relevant lesson. So, your parents, friends, lovers, enemies and even your children are chosen by you and each will have something to teach you. It is all orchestrated for your growth, you, in turn, are doing your part for these people and others, as well. 

And, eventually, you will be thankful to each one of them for your new-found contentment and peace of mind. Thank you to all that have sustained, assisted and comforted me in my lifetime. Thank you.