Wednesday, 27 April 2016



You don't inspire others by being perfect.

You inspire them by how you deal with your imperfections.

You don't have to spend your life pretending that you are something/someone you're not. You are here at this time and place because you are YOU. No one else is better qualified to play your part. 

You may not have any idea why you would be needed on this planet or what purpose you could possibly serve, but I am here to tell you that you are important. You are unique, you have a way about you, you are wanted, needed and loved. There is nothing you can do or say that will take away from that love. We all have a position to fill and each one of us is essential. 

I know that you may not see yourself as anything, but I guarantee that to someone you are everything.

We are all connected, here for each other. To fulfill our personal mission, we just need to be ourselves. That is how it is orchestrated, you are a significant piece of the puzzle and only YOU are the right shape and size to fill that slot.

So all the real or imagined imperfections you are holding on to, are of no consequence in the scheme of things, because you, just as you are is what is needed in the world at this time. You are here for a reason and you inspire people every day just doing what you do and being who you are. Don't ever let anything stand it your way. 

I have avoided saying that 'nobody's perfect' because I truly believe we all are. We are perfect at being ourselves, just as we were meant to be.