Thursday, 21 April 2016


Imagine if we obsessed about the things we LOVED about ourselves.

What a novel idea!

We all spend a lot of time complaining about certain parts of ourselves, how they don't quite measure up to the norm, or to our expectations. We are our own worst critics. Not only are we displeased with our appearance, but we also put ourselves down concerning our personality, disposition, mentality, or anything at all. Are we just trying to beat everyone to it, making sure that no one gets to us first? It's very strange that we allow ourselves to beat ourselves up. If we don't love ourselves, how do we expect other to love us?

We have put ourselves down for long enough, what if we become our own cheerleaders? I'm not talking narcissistic, simply some self-love. Wouldn't you like to have the time you spent worrying about your fat thighs back and use it to compliment yourself on your lovely feet, your prowess at crosswords, your skill in the kitchen, or maybe even in the bedroom? 

You know you have many, many great qualities. You know people seek you out, just to be there when you laugh, you are amazing. I am not just saying that... take a look around you, how many people are there for you, love to be around you, seek you out? You are someone to love, so why don't you try it?

Try obsessing about everything you love about yourself, everything you are proud of, until it becomes a habit. Then you can start to work on those things you find less than perfect. Eventually, all of you, mentally, physically and emotionally will be receiving love. Just imagine the difference it will make in your life when you obsess about the things you love about yourself instead of hating them.