Friday, 8 April 2016


At some point, 
you have to make a decision.
Boundaries don't keep other people out.
They fence you in.
Life is messy.
That's how we're made.
So, you can waste your lives drawing lines.
Or you can live your life 
crossing them.

You can make all the rules you like.... mandate how close someone can get to you, how often they're allowed and whatever other requirements you insist upon. You can draw lines in the sand, or you can erect giant fences if they make you feel safe. Don't allow anyone to cross those lines/boundaries, so you can feel protected and secure. And when you're impregnable, what do you have exactly? You have this big huge fortress all to yourself. You can live in this strongbox but, what kind of life is that?

"No man is an island."  John Donne

We are a sociable life form, we are all connected to each other and to the earth we inhabit. If you are feeling unsafe, boundaries are not the answer, you need to let people in. It is a waste of your wonderfulness to keep it all to yourself. There are countless numbers of people waiting to meet you and see what you will do next. There are countless others that need you to help facilitate their journey. You have a mission. Locking yourself behind closed doors is serving no one, least of all you. Life isn't just something to 'get through', there is no end of excitement and experiences destined for you and you alone. 

Cross the line you drew in the sand and see what's in store for you. You can start slowly, but hang on, you're in for a wild ride!