Thursday, 27 November 2014


You've been criticizing yourself for years....

This is so true. Our self talk needs work. So many critical thoughts run through your head each day; especially when you dress, bathe or look in the mirror. 

It has been said that this is solely a
women's problem, I'm not sure if solely is completely accurate, but generally, at least.   Men seems to be much more self-satisfied than women. They are usually showing off in front of the mirror, while we are picking ourselves apart. Women are very hard on themselves. Even women with supreme self-esteem seem to feel as though something is wrong with some portion of their being.

We are critical of our bodies, our face, or some part of it, our hair etc., and how is that working for us? It's not, it's working against us. Acceptance, is the answer. We need to accept and be grateful for all we are given. We need to learn to work with, not against our perceived flaws. If you love yourself, all the many parts of you, inside and out, you will reap the rewards.

This story was told to me (to my deaf ears) about twenty years ago by my sister. She had had trouble for years with acne. There is nothing more frustrating for a young women than to have her face breaking out regularly. She invariably found herself looking at her face, at a new break-out, and devaluing herself because of it. She decided to turn it around and love her face and all it's flaws; be gentle, instead of rubbing her skin raw, and kind and considerate at all times. She told herself that she was beautiful, just as she was, until she believed it. Her face cleared up and she has not had any problem with blemishes since. Thank you, Coralee, NOW I understand what you were telling me.

Try approving of yourself and see what happens...