Saturday, 22 November 2014


It's the rocks in the bed that give the stream it's song....

The rocks in the stream are responsible for the bubbly sounds you hear. If the river bed was smooth sand, it wouldn't have the same musical quality. But the water has to travel over and around the rocks, which produces a cheerfully soothing melodic tune. 

This could be a metaphor for our lives... the rocks are the bumps in the road that give us perspective. They allows us to see both sides of the coin, without the hard times we wouldn't celebrate the good times. And if we travel over and around the obstacles (rocks), simply flow naturally, our lives will take on a smooth, soothing melodic tune.

We encounter obstacles throughout our lives, real or imagined, things go 'wrong'. You may be challenged with; accidents, illness, financial ruin, betrayal, or any number of drawbacks. Each of these stumbling blocks create an opportunity for us to enrich our knowledge of life. It's the obstacles that prove to be the greatest gift of all.

Everything you go through, grows you...

Embrace the struggle. Realize that it is a lesson, and will contribute to your growth. Let it make you stronger. 

You can always change the way you look at things. What is your perception of the rocks in the stream of your life? Are they obstacles or a soothing song? 

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change" Wayne Dyer