Friday, 7 November 2014


Look on the bright side...

Since you are in charge of your own life, running your own show, you can decide how you feel every day. You can also choose how to react to every situation. Doom and gloom will get you nowhere, you'll simply feel bad. Why do that to yourself? 

It may seem rather Pollyanna-like, but really wouldn't you rather be happy than outraged? Laughing not crying? Calm not upset? If you choose the happiness path, it is better for your health as well. What could be better? 

You don't have to jump on the stress mobile, even if it stops for you. It is your choice. Day to day life creates many stress related experiences, but you don't have to take any of them on. Don't allow anything to disturb your peace of mind. Take an optimistic approach to the next situation you are invited to. 
Things are only stressful if you sanction them.

Focus on the positive. When stress is paramount in your life: Reflect on what you appreciate, including your positive qualities and gifts. Be grateful. This will help keep things in perspective. Avoid people, situations and subjects that stress you out.Accept what you cannot change.Get plenty of sleep and exercise. Volunteer, do something for someone else, get out of your head. Go outside. Walk in the woods, go for a hike, a run, hug a tree, meditate BREATHE
“For myself I am an optimist - it does not seem to be much use to be anything else.”  - Winston S. Churchill

And that is the truth. There IS not much use to be anything else... you can go through life being upset, angry, frustrated or you can enjoy your life - your choice.