Friday, 12 June 2015


Trust the PATH unseen....

Don't let what happens or what doesn't happen bother you. Life has a way of rearranging perfectly. So what you truly need can come together.

You really don't have to obsess, plan, strategize, and set goals, all the time. All you need to do is simply go with the flow, allow the universe to do it's job. It is not necessary for you to control everything. It is not up to you, the universe is very qualified to take care of things. Too many people act as if nothing in the world could possibly function without them. I am certain that you would lower your stress level, if you allowed the universe to manage it's own business. 

Everyone has their own method of doing things, it may not be your way, but that doesn't make it wrong. It's OK not to have all the answers, just continue on your journey and trust the process. Everything will work out as it is meant to, when the time is right.  

Trust the journey, even if you don't understand it. 

You are in charge of your own destiny. Trust the universe, trust the journey, respect the process. Nothing will change until you do, and everything will happen as it is meant to, when it is meant to. It is the universal order of things. Be patient.

Breathe, Believe and Receive.