Thursday, 18 September 2014

Thursday, Sept. 18/14

'The Indian Theory of Existence' Morning Dove

Isn't it wonderful, how simple and yet profound this is? I find that the natives in most cultures have a similar idea of how to live their lives. 

As I have mentioned, my daughter lives in Bali. and this is the theory they live by. There is an herb for every ailment. Once chosen it is either ground into a paste to cover the infected area or made into a tea to drink. The cure  is affirmed in the results. It appears to be in the Balinese' psyche to know precisely what plant is needed and where it will be located to treat anything you may have contracted. 

In North America, for the most part, we have gotten so far away from this method of healing, forgotten our mission, and are struggling because of it. The world was set up to care for us, and perhaps we haven't cared enough for it; and are therefore unable to find the source. Our soil, rivers and lakes are contaminated, we are closed up in rooms with recycled air all day, and struggling to survive in our 'polluted' environment. Nature is a forgotten necessity.  I taught sessions on plants and the environment during my floral classes. I was astounded to find that a large number of students hadn't recognized the fact that trees absorb carbon dioxide and other potentially harmful gasses, from the air and release oxygen. The trees are at work on a daily basis.  One large tree can supply a day's supply of oxygen for four people. A few green plants in your home would provide the oxygen required for your family  

Everything has a purpose... we can call on nature for our healing, mentally, emotionally and physically. It's amazing, as we evolve we get further and further away from our roots, literally. I know many of you are trying to eat healthier and exercise daily, but if something is not right with your body, what do you do about it? Is a pill your first choice? I find we do not focus on ourselves, what our bodies are saying, enough. A headache does not necessarily call for a Tylenol, try drinking some fresh, cool spring water. Get back to nature, and remember who you are.