Saturday, 27 September 2014

Saturday, Sept. 27/14

Rushing through life....

Aren't we all guilty of doing it, running all over the place, multitasking our little hearts out? There is definitely a period in life where most of society, especially women, are rushing their lives out the door. There is a lot to get done in a day, with house, job, children, family your life is full. 

There are so many demands on a person's time today, it's hard to imagine how you can juggle all of them and still find time to get some sleep. 

Are you one of the many trying to do it all? To be it all? 

Most of the women in the preceding generations didn't go out of the home to work. They kept house, cooked, did laundry, hosted parties and looked after their husbands and children.  This generation came on the scene and continued to do the same things as the women before them, and added a job to the mix, along with an enormous amount of stress and guilt. 

If you are part of this group, male or female, that is over-worked, over-committed and over-stressed, and looking for some FREE time; start by being aware of what you are doing, how your time is spent. 

Once you become aware of who/what you are giving all your time to: you can start to eliminate some of it, delegate the rest, and allow people to take care of their own 'stuff.' By doing this you will certainly find more hours available to you every day, to do just exactly what you want to do.

Now what will you do with your FREE time? Go for walks, join a gym, take a course, lunch with friends, or read a book. You might also want to PLAY, that's always fun and good for the soul. Don't rush, you are missing your life, and believe me, it's speeding past like a freight train as I get older. Cherish the moments.