Saturday, 31 May 2014

That voice in your head!!! EGO!  Whose running the show here anyhow? What you think you become. That voice is running the show. 

You are obsessing about things, worrying, anxious, unable to settle; and the thoughts just keep on coming... all the dark thoughts of terrifying things that could possibly happen to you and/or those you love. Obsession - you all know what that is like. It’s a fear that will not go away; it plays the same tune over and over in your head. It’s being agitated, which manifest itself with pacing, twitches, compulsive movements with your hands, and/or any repetitive act. 

The ego does not like or want change and fear is the result. It wants to keep you exactly where you are. It plays on your fears, with thoughts like: “you will end up a bag lady, you’ll never find the right guy, or your kids will get hurt”; all the negative thoughts. This “anticipating disaster” style of negative thinking only leads to stress, anxiety, unhappiness, frustration and sleepless nights; which, of course, eventually leads to illness in some form or another.
Fear is such a huge topic because it runs the world. We have fear based leadership, religion and even fear based marketing/advertising; which ultimately creates a fear based society. Our society has the fear of the unknown and fear of what they cannot or will not understand. There are so many people clinging to life by their fingernails, filled with guilt and shame and so afraid to make a move, to try anything new for fear of losing what they have accomplished or accumulated. They have a fear of living AND a fear of dying. 

I have learned, over time, not to listen to my thoughts when they are causing me stress. I tune them out, however I can. This stress is not the truth, it is just supposition and fear, and it won't help you, in any way, to listen to it. If your thoughts cause you stress, shut them out, don't listen to them. 

"Reality is always kinder than your thoughts" Byron Katie