Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Great statement! - Are negative forces running your life? Is there more negative than positive? Is your power wrapped up in some other person's agenda? 

The weeds that the statement is referring to are the negative forces we allow "in" that choke the lives out of us. Watering them is giving them our time, our attention and/or any consideration whatsoever.

In our gardens we constantly pull weeds out and get rid of them. We alienate them completely. We cannot run the risk of weeds choking out our fabulous flower beds. The fastest way to clean up your garden is to remove all the intruders. Don't let the weeds rob your garden of it's beauty.

This is a great metaphor for our lives....
The fastest way to clean up your life is to get rid of the "weeds."

Rid yourself of the "weeds" in your life, even if they include a family member, friend, or even a spouse; you deserve more than someone that is not treating you with respect and loveThis breed of person will just drain the life out of you, wear you down and hinder your growth. They are taking up precious space in your garden. Confront whatever fears you have of letting them go, take a deep breathe and just pull them out of your garden. I have made that sound like it is an easy thing to do, and technically it is, but emotionally it is hard. Just remember; you are the flower in this scenario, you need to bloom. 

You will receive a huge serge of self-esteem as soon as you rid yourself of the weeds that have been constricting you.You will be free to grow.
"At any given time, we have two options; to step forward into growth or backward into safety" - Abraham Maslow     Take care of you.. blossom.