Friday, 30 May 2014

As life progresses, accumulated experiences are assimilated within and you begin to form a variety of beliefs to add to those already established. The hard times will determine your faith, and you will be blessed with easy times to provide a rest and revitalization period. 

I have for quite some time now, believed that we are spirits having a human experience, that we have been here many times before and we are here to learn, grow, love one another. and when this life is finished, we graduate and go home. 

The only hell is the one you put yourself in here on earth. Life isn't meant to be a struggle. We create it ourselves. We make bad choices, huge mistakes, go down the wrong path, tell ourselves lies about so many things, and through all this, we learn. AND that is exactly why we are here. 

You may have noticed, when things are fairly calm and running smoothly, that there is not much change or growth. 

BUT when you are in the depths of despair, trying to dig yourself out of the hole, this is when the growth is magnified. This is a powerful time for advancement, and you will eventually; begin to feel gratitude for all you have been through; because without the despair, and the bad times - you would not be where you are now!

Everything is a lesson, everything happens for a reason, everything means something, there are no coincidences. It is all an opportunity to advance, to grow and to perfect. 

"You don't have a soul
You are a soul
You have a body"
CS Lewis