Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Good Morning, 

I have often said, I should have stopped when I was twenty-one and knew everything, because I tell you, I don't know much now.  

All those great conversations we had about everything.. we knew all the answers, we could fix the world. We were so large and in charge. Of course, I was a child of the universe, of the sixties, we were all about the love and the whole world was entitled to our opinion. We protested everything, even sang protest songs at every hootenanny. We were amazing!

Then what happened? Life.... Dating, marriage, childbirth, different jobs, divorce, deaths, etc. normal events, but each and every one caused me to question my beliefs and all those things that I thought I knew. AND I ended up realizing that I know very little. 

I hope I know the main "stuff", like I cannot change anyone, I can't fix them, I can't have everything I want, the whole world does not revolve around me, I am not an island, life is about change (kicking and screaming all the way) and quit trying to control everything, AND I am not in charge of in charge of the entire universe.... shocker! 

So this whole life is about change, and I can't change anyone, so who does that leave... ME! Now that is what I am in the process of doing, changing myself. Quite a new experience to concentrate solely on me, and I am certainly no easier to change. It is an uphill battle, believe me, but the freedom of only having me on the agenda is quite amazing.

Therefore the wise part of this little epistle is: the only one you can change is yourself. If something bothers you about someone else, you need to change your approach or leave. If you don't like the situation, walk away. If you don't want to do something, then don't do it. Don't continue to try and get "them " to see reason, or understand you. Don't explain and don't complain, just shut the door. That is the wisdom of the ages. You are in charge of you, you are the light, let it shine....