Saturday, 24 May 2014

Good Morning Musings

Isn't it amazing how life works?

The worst circumstances bring out the strength of the human spirit.

You have spiraled down, into a dark well, feeling worse than ever before; due to a life changing event, (an argument, a break-up, job loss or even a death.) Nothing will ever be the same again.

You are in pain, devastated, and cannot imagine how you will carry on. And yet, after some dark days/months/years, life resumes and you end up feeling grateful. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

This is an amazing phenomenon. How does that happen? There is always something to be grateful for, BUT how do you get from there to here? Does time really heal all wounds and how does it do that? What changes, what makes the entire scenario become less tragic? Do you just forget about the pain, the person, the losses incurred?  Does the mind just click over from darkness to light? Do you just get fed up with feeling sad? What makes a person, decide to look on the bright side, get up, and get moving again? How do you come to acceptance? What makes everything alright?

Is it the love that surrounds you, your family and friends, your support group? Is it your belief system? Is it determination?  Is it instinctive?  

I, personally, think it is GRACE. What else could it be? What else would end the pain, or enable you to dig yourself out of the depths of despair? 
"With grace in your heart and flowers in your hair"

What are your thoughts this morning?