Wednesday, 29 April 2015


He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.

Being in harmony with yourself, necessitates acceptance as you are and of what is.

Constantly arguing with the way things are in your life... wishing that things were different or at the very least, exactly as you wanted them to be, leaves little room for harmony. 

Accepting every situation that comes your way as it is, is the way to peace and happiness. 

Whatever might be taking place in your world, it is what it is. Whether it is illness, financial problems, death or divorce, (insert your worst case scenario), you will need to accept that this is what is going on right now. Just accept .... it doesn't mean you don't grieve, seek solutions or guidance, just accept that this is the reality... the way it is in the here and now. Face it head on, no denial. The next step is to decide the way you want to handle it. There is no point in wanting it to be something it is not. It can't be changed, edited, forgotten, or erased, it can only be accepted.

"When you argue with reality you lose, but only 100% of the time." Byron Katie

Accepting yourself, with all your frailties, is another all encompassing task. Do not degrade yourself, (or allow others to devalue you) over perceived imperfections, mentally or physically. You are what you are. You were given this body, it is a gift. You may have issues with certain areas of your body, or your intellectual abilities, but again, you are arguing with what is. Work on being gentle with yourself, be kind and encouraging, treat yourself like you would your best friend, and then become exactly that. 

When you start to live in harmony with yourself, and with what is, you will live in harmony with the entire universe.