Tuesday, 21 April 2015



Although you may feel that you are getting nowhere fast, that nothing is going your way; you can rest assured that you are exactly where you need to be. It doesn't matter what it looks like, or what it feels like in this moment, there is a reason why things are as they are. There is something that needs to be dealt with before you are able to move forward. 

If you aren't feeling good about the situation you're in, then you must be the change. 

Be still and breathe. 

Take a look at your situation... what needs to be changed? What can be done differently? Is there a solution to the problems at hand? If you are able to change things to your satisfaction, then change them. If not then you need to rethink your priorities. Your priority is always YOU. This is your journey and you deserve to be happy. If you are not, no one else will be happy with you. The solution is within YOU. Although you need to treat others with kindness, you cannot make someone else happy; that is up to them. 

You are in charge of your own destiny. Trust the universe, trust the journey, respect the process. Nothing will change until you do, and everything will happen as it is meant to, when it is meant to. It is the universal order of things. Be patient.

Breathe, Believe and Receive.