Tuesday, 7 April 2015


People were created to be loved
Things were created to be used
The reason the world is in chaos is
because things are being loved
and people are being used.

Hmmm? What are your thoughts on this theory? Do you think the world is in chaos and that this is the reason? I definitely agree that this is how it appears. Accumulating seems to be a way of life now. The importance level of 'stuff' has accelerated beyond recognition. People love their toys. 
'The one with the most stuff when he dies, wins.'

My feeling about accumulation is that the people feel that 'stuff' is more fulfilling. 'Stuff' doesn't let you down, it does what it says it is going to do. It makes you feel good. The 'toys' are honest, as far as, they give what they advertised. If you buy a new car, you get what you paid for and it is good. Whereas the person you picked has many layers, and doesn't always act as you thought he/she would, and often doesn't make you feel good. 

The problem with other people is your expectations of them. Expectation always causes heartache. If someone is not meeting your expectations, you feel let down. Well, I have to tell the 'stuff' will probably give you the same feeling eventually, because that can't fill you up either. While you are filling yourself up on 'stuff' you are missing the point. 

No thing or no one can fill you up. you have to do that for yourself. People need to be accepted for who they are not who you want them to be; just as you want to be accepted for who you are. So turn the focus back on yourself; if you love you, you will not be looking outside yourself for something to fill you up. The things that you accumulate, or the people around you will never be enough, until you, yourself are enough. Loving yourself will help restore the order of things and enable you to accept and honour those loving you.