Tuesday, 14 April 2015


I am made of energy, I will always exist.

Whatever happens in this life is a vehicle to move me along, not a beginning or an end. No matter what the ego tells me. No matter what the body feels. Those are merely experiences that I need to feel to achieve what I came here to do, be and experience. 

On some level, I already know everything that needs to be known. I don't remember it all right now because it would prevent me from the experience of the here and now. 

When I seek my truth it will come back to me. There is nothing to fear. There is infinite love here. All that is glows divinely from within me.

This says it all. You have come to earth to have new experiences and learn lessons. It is all for your continuous growth. Sometimes, no matter how many nudges or hints you receive, you don't get it, or perhaps you aren't paying attention; caught up in your busy life. When things start to fall apart, or even completely fall apart, then the light starts to flicker. I know this from personal experience, I have to be hit with the entire ton of bricks, before I even start to clue in. The hard times, as well as the good times have a lesson, it is all designed to make you a better person. Stop, look and listen.

When you start looking into what makes you tick, why you are like you are, is when things start to percolate. Life opens up when you do