Wednesday, 1 April 2015


"The world is as you believe it to be. It can never be more or less than that." Byron Katie

So the world is as we see it, is it? Actually yes it is... if you see a safe, kind, loving world, that is what it is. 

I have had an ongoing disagreement with a friend concerning this very subject. She feels I need to watch the news, and keep current. I do not like to watch the news, I find it negative and depressing. If you are looking for some negativity in your life, the news will take care of that for you.

If something newsworthy sparks my interest, I'll look into it, but the rest.... why do I need rape, murder, crashes and natural disasters in my day? I am not willing to invite negativity into my home or my life, and this, I feel, is an intrusion

I cannot change what has already happened, I can only send love and blessings to victims each night and that is what I do. If I heard of something that I could actually be involved in and helpful, I would look into it. But to expose myself to 30 or more minutes of violence and sadness; simply doesn't make sense to me. I am fully aware cruelty and brutality are a fact. I know there are wars and famine on our earth, I don't have my head buried that deeply in the sand. But the negativity entering my world is not worth it. I have a condensed version of current affairs, by choice. Each of us is different and I like my life the way it is.  

As I said at the onset of this piece, I see the world as a safe, kind and loving place. And it is. Don't invite trouble, violence, or negativity into your life, they do have consequences.....often manifesting into health issues. It is overwhelming to your system to be bombarded with 'bad' news and it's up to you who and what you allow in.