Monday, 13 April 2015


People take different roads to fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road, doesn't mean they've gotten lost. 
Dali Lama

Everyone is on their own unique journey, they have pitfalls and successes, we all do. We have no idea what anyone goes through in the course of a day. We cannot judge a book by it's cover. We simply do not know.

Many people seem to think that they are on the only genuine path. This is far from the truth. We may be on our path, but it is not the only path. Each person sets out on their own journey. We cannot say whether it is right or wrong, we don't know their purpose. 

If it is right for them, it is right, period.

Every single person is unique; they all have different ideas, dreams, desires and distinct life experiences. Our experiences help to form us, which allows us to expand in our own unique way. Everyone will respond to life according to their own backgrounds and life experiences.  You need to remain on your own path, and not worry about where the others are going.

You can equate this to an orchestra. If you are the drummer, you can't just decide to play the trumpet, it would throw everything off. There is already a full trumpet section. You must stick to your own instrument (your own path) because you are an integral part of the orchestra.

You are an important part of the plan, you fit, you are necessary.

So the moral to this story is: mind your own business. Walk your own path and leave everyone else to walk theirs. It is not up to you to dictate the path. Keep your mind open and your mouth shut ... and walk the walk on your own path.