Wednesday, 27 July 2016


There is something very aligning about not listening to all the chatter in the world. Abraham

Decide that you wanna feel good. And you wanna feel good so much, that you're willing to give up the opinions that don't allow you to feel good about everything.

See your environment as a buffet of many choices and make more deliverate choices about what you think about. Abraham

The less you think of trouble, the less of it you get. Trust that all is well and watch for evidence of it. Abraham

I have this discussion with different friends concerning the news. I deliberately do not tune into to the news, they feel I should be aware of what is going on and keep current. I beg to differ, I do not feel that being baragged by a concentrated outpouring of devastation does one single thing for my health or well-being. I find it to be an insult to my senses and avoid watching at all costs. I am aware that there is turmoil throughout the world, you can't escape what is taking place in this digital world, but I do not need to sit through an hour of my day totally immersed in it.

There is nothing a person can do when on the receiving end of world news, except send love and light to the victims and survivors, and that I do. It doesn't make you more humane to absorb the details, it only creates stress, and continues to 'get life' from everyone discussing it. My opinion is not necessary, nor does it create any workable solutions. Therefore, the nightly news is the section of the buffet that I will skip. I have a calm and quiet life now and I treasure that, so that is how it will stay. 

Trust that all is well and watch for evidence of it.