Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Your body is dutifully loyal in giving you feedback on the 
effects of your thoughts and feelings. Essentially, health is a state of mind.

Barbara Marciniak

Your body is the first responder for anything that is going on within. Your system will plug up, break out or down, use any method necessary to give you the message. The body will always tell you that things aren't quite right. Thoughts affect your well-being so completely that illness is often the result of negative thinking. You will always get a small nudge or hint first, perhaps a rash, to alert you that something needs attention. 

If there is something that nags at you or consistently reoccurs, there is a message behind it; anything from arthritis to warts, have something to say. 

(You may want to google 'Heal Your Body' by Louise L. Hay, to get some insight into how your body speaks to you.)

It's simple really.... when you cut your finger, it heals itself, literally YOU heal it. You are fully equipped for repairing your body. Therefore, given that you are able to mend a cut, it stands to reason, that you have the power to heal any bump, lump or illness. It is mind over matter. Your body is meant to function to full capacity at all times. Sometimes it is lifestyle damaged, and that may require some changes, but you have the ability to take care of yourself by eliminating negativity and stress from your life. Find your happy place.

Essentially, health is a state of mind