Tuesday, 7 June 2016


As soon as you are born
are given a name, a religion
a nationality
and race.
You spend
the rest
life defending a fictional identity.
Deepak Chopra

This is how the world works, you are given two (traditionally) parents and all the decisions pertaining to your life will be made for you from the minute you pop out. You, of course, have no options, opinions and absolutely no say in the matter, you are the child of those that will raise you, and you will follow the same format as they did. 

Years go by and you will eventually discover that you are simply a product of your environment. Even if your DNA dictates otherwise, and you get the 'rebel' title, you have still been indoctrinated. Most parents do their best, but they can only teach you what they know. The parent's choice of religion, education and society will contribute and here you are with your 'fictional identity'

In fact, you have been told not only who you are, but who you will become. Most young people don't notice the 'following the leader' aspect of their lives until their teens when they start to form their own ideas. At that point many of them rebel slightly, challenging their parents on trivial matters, working hard at getting what they want. They may even challenge the demands of the parents whom they consider "old school' and unaware.

Rarely, as a teenager and sometimes even for years afterward, does it occur to most people that they are running a program that has little to nothing to do with how they feel. They just do what they do without any thought, robotically clinging to the protocol. 

Until now, you may have had no reason to question the belief system that you were raised with, It often takes some life-altering event to start challenging these standards. 
You have a brain of your own, it is YOUR life, question everything, figure out what YOU believe and who YOU are.