Wednesday, 29 June 2016


when the people
you love
hurt you the most,
it's better
to stay quiet because,
if your love
wasn't enough....
Do you think your
words will matter?

When you are hurt by the actions or words of someone you love, often this propels you into the 'let me try harder' mode. Maybe there is something else I could be doing so that they really 'see' me. 

Maybe if I explain, once again, how I feel they'll get it. Maybe if I re-phrase my argument, it'll make sense to them. Maybe I can change them completely, into another person that is exactly what I want. A person, that will act exactly how I want them to, when I want them to. It will never happen, a person will only change if they decide it will suit their purposes.

They are who they are, they do want they do, not what you want. There is no point in trying to get them to change, it will not happen. No matter how much you love them, how much you do for them, or sacrifice for them, you cannot make them be your ideal. 

This person hurts you, that's what they do. FACT. 

Why, then, do you want someone in your life that you have to teach to be loving, respectful, loyal, thoughtful? If they do not know how to treat you, they are learning it from you. You show people how to treat you. Don't accept disrespect from anyone. If you are loving someone and not receiving love in return, it is time to re-think your definition of love. Love does NOT hurt.